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The Genius that is Michelangelo: A Celebration of his

Life and Works


Michelangelo Pietà 1499

Image source: Web Gallery of Art


Michelangelo was a sculptor, painter, architect and poet. He has come to epitomise the glorious period of the Renaissance and is still today considered one of the greatest artists of the Western World. Yet he lived through times of great upheaval, both personal and political.


This day of special interest will study the works of Michelangelo, interwoven with quotations from his poetry and set within the context of the major political and religious events in Italy of the 16th Century.

While an hour lecture is not suitable for this subject as a whole, individual aspects of his work could be extracted for one hour lectures such as his work as a sculptor, an architect or his painting in the Sistine Chapel.


Michelangelo Last Judgement (detail) 1537-41

Image source: Web Gallery of Art